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dcVelco Estate Liquidation Sales

dcVelco Estate Liquidation Sales
dc Velco llc - Your advocate through life change. Certified Estate Liquidator we gain current fair market value in an expedient time for clients. Estate Sales - Tag Sales - Downsizing - Vintage and Antique Sales. Columbus, Ohio

When you lose a loved one the burden of dealing with the household contents collected throughout their many years can often be overwhelming.

We can help.

A Little About Our Process Dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy. We can help your family deal with the life long accumlated personal property via an Estate Tag Sale.
We meet with the Estate Executor and / or Estate Attorney, Bank Trusts personnel along with any other Utility, Government or Business professionals necessary to effectively process the estate.

Family heirlooms and sentimental treasures are identified so you and your family maintain those cherished family heirlooms and deal with the rest. We can arrange through recommended a company or of your choosing for moving / shipping any family retained items across town, across the country or across the world.

We then review the remainder of the estate. We have many avenues to liquidate our client's homes starting with an Estate Sale that gains our clients fair market value. The Estate Sale is NOT a Garage Sale where attendees expect rock bottom prices. But, it also is not retail. Many factors go into pricing an item such as age, condition, rarity and popularity to name a few. We not only rely on our own knowledge but if warranted research items to ascertain the current fair market value. When warranted we utilize premier art and antique auction houses, dealers / brokers, local retail businesses, wide reaching online auction sites and charity donations to name a few approaches to move your assets as swiftly as possible based on your situation.

Our job is to gain you, our clients, the most value that we can for the estate at today's fair market value in the fastest possible time frame so that you and your family can move on from the burden of dealing with the physical estate.

The below It is not meant to be an exhaustive listing, but an overview of our services.

-- Meet with your Estate Attorney to inquire about a Will or Trust
-- Locate, sort and organize all personal belongings
-- Inventory via photograph and sales slips, price all items individually or boxed lots and if necessary research to appraise items in the process
-- Determine the most profitable method to sell items: tag sales, online auctions, antique dealers, resellers, private collectors, etc.
-- If any vehicles we prepare DOT Transfer of Title documents to facilitate the sale transaction
-- Market the sale focusing on key items that draw buyers
-- Set up sale with an eye for merchandising, home & merchandise security and customer safety
-- Manage day(s) of sale monitoring merchandise and customers, payment processing, sold inventory tracking,
-- Donate unsold items with low price point to local charity receiving receipt for potential tax deduction
-- Refuse disposal - "junk" haul a way
-- Process remaining higher value items according to agreement
-- Broom clean home - photograph home for documentation
-- Close out Estate Sale with Estate Executor
-- If desired, facilitate identifying a Realtor to represent the sale of the home
dcVelco Estate Liquidation Sales
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829 Bethel Rd, Ste 132
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